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In Short Edit

Tikking town is a small residence found some distance out in the Deadly Desert just beyond the boundaries of Winkie Country. It was founded by Tik Tok and his cohort of mechanical men as a place where they might reside peaceably without disturbing others due to the constant ticking of their internal mechanizations (which, while not particularly bothersome in the presence of a single mechanical man, once several of them are gathered together can create quite a cacophony indeed).

History of Tikking (A Travelogue) Edit

To the far east beyond the yellow brick road and the splendid royal city of Oz, the Emerald City, lies the country known best for its beautiful yellow grasses and proud tin-smithing citizens, the Winkies of Winkie Country. It is this country that finds itself butted up against the Great Deadly Desert and the neighboring land of Ev, as well as the great mountain under which the Nome King rules with the rest of the Nomes in the Underland.

But of course between these two is, as previously mentioned, the Great Deadly Desert, which surrounds all of Oz, and is a great deal of trouble to cross, for any living thing which touches its sands will immediately perish under the noxious fumes and become sand, as well.

This, of course, is of no great concern to a being which cannot live, such as one particular mechanical man widely known as Tiktok, who is wonderfully round and of relatively civil disposition, even though he cannot feel, provided he is kept properly wound and maintained.

Tiktok, of course, was created by the great Tinkering Artist duo Smith & Tinker for the great King Evoldo of Ev, to serve and entertain him. This came to an untimely end some many years ago when, after having sold his family to the Nome King in exchange for a long life, Evoldo grew inconsolable with his conscience, locked Tiktok in a stone room, and threw himself into the ocean to drown.

And so Tiktok remained, and likely would have continued to remain, if not for the kindly intervention by one Dorothy Gale of Kansas, who discovered him there and brought him with her on her many adventures through the Kingdom of Ev and then back to the Kingdom of Oz.

There she left him to serve the illustrious Ozma of Oz in her stead, and he did so quite happily, or, as happily as one can do when incapable of feeling joy, so perhaps: civilly, until one day Tiktok found himself in quite remarkable disuse, for you see, Ozma had many servants, and had little need for one of copper who needed to be wound up every day.

Thus he requested, quite civilly, if he could be allowed to explore on his own and see where he might be more useful, and Ozma, gracious and kind, understood and allowed him to go, although she did implore him to make sure to find someone to wind him up whenever he could, and to not go too long without assistance or sociability.

He did so, and he travelled quite along Oz and had many wonderful adventures, until he came to the Country of the Winkies, where he intrigued a great many of their tinsmiths with his mechanisms, and they aspired thus to attempt to recreate him—although this was quite impossible, being that no one could match Smith & Tinker for their skill and artistry, the Winkies did very much try.

It was in this way that Tiktok eventually found himself in the company of a great many metal men, none of which were technically alive, but all of which very much moved and served as best a purpose as they could be expected to.

None of them but Tiktok, however, could think, and while Tiktok, being incapable of feelings, could not regret this, he did consider it to be something of a short-coming.

Thus, one day, he wandered out into the great wastes of the Deadly Desert, with his thinking action wound as tightly as it could be wound, and sat amongst the sands and the noxious fumes where he would not be bothered or disturbed, because he knew of no other being who, like him, was active but not alive.

It was there that the sunlight glinting off of his bright copper body did in fact gleam so brightly that it struck the moon where his former Master and Creator, the Tinkerer, had disappeared to so many years before, and upon seeing Tiktok there in the sands he rejoiced quite thoroughly because he was very certain he never would have met him again. That besides, the moon, as lovely as it was, had become rather commonplace over the years, and he was delighted at the opportunity to see how well his craftsmanship had held up.

It was in this way that the Tinkerer came down his tall ladder from the moon to Winkie country, and reunited with Tiktok, and met with his great population of unthinking metal men, and went to work.

It took quite a bit of doing, but eventually the Tinkerer was able to remember just how he had managed to make Tiktok’s thinking mechanisms—it was a collaboration between himself and Smith, you see, who had drowned in a painting of his own creation some years prior—and fairly soon the collection of metal men became just as thinking as Tiktok himself.

The Winkies did enjoy their company, of course, but even as they did not eat the metal men and Tiktok did begin to take up quite a lot of space, and their incessant ticking from their internal mechanisms began to drive the townsfolk quite mad, so eventually they were—quite civilly—asked if they might find somewhere else to not live.

Thus Tiktok and his kin wound up their thinking actions and after much deliberation moved further east to the Deadly Desert where they knew they could set up without disturbing anyone, because no one who was not a metal man could reside there.

The Tinkerer, of course, could not come, being that he was alive, but the Winkies were more than happy to have him amongst their midst for as long as he would like to stay, and that besides, he began to miss the moon.

And so the township of Tikking was created. The metal men did not particularly need houses or beds to sleep in, but it seemed right to do so, and the structures proved useful when the storms kicked up the sands and made their joints creak and crackle. So they employed the assistance of the Winkies’ smithies and created a great many beautiful shining houses out of tin, each perfectly sized with a single large room as round as it was tall, with brightly painted cones atop each one that served well enough as chimneys and kept the insides from getting too terribly hot during the day.

The houses were lined up in a big circle, in the center of which was a great mechanism that the Tinkerer had helped to create upon which any metal man could hook himself to in order to be wound up without need for assistance from another person.

Over time the metal men began to seek ways in which they could be useful to one another, and found that each of them had their own unique mechanisms which worked in some ways better than others:

The one called Britespot found that he was particularly good at polishing, and thus set up a small addition to his little house that had a room specially for polishing  and cleaning out bits of sandgrit which still sometimes became inconveniently lodged in the joints and mechanisms of all the metal men.

Daisy, so named by a very precocious Winkie child of one of the Tin smiths, had a very keen set of mechanical eyes with many lenses that allowed him to spy even the smallest bits of rust or spots where the paint on the tops of the roofs had begun to peel off, and thus was very apt at doing small maintenance that kept everything looking nice and in good repair.

Clicker, of course, had a knack for picking out when someone’s internal mechanisms weren’t ticking quite right and thus was very good at directing those who might have wound down faster than expected to the winding mechanism, and otherwise helping to escort them back to Winkie country where the Tinkerer might be called down from the moon again to assist with any more complicated maintenance.

After the sands of the desert began to tear more terribly at their internal mechanisms for some time, they decided it would be advantageous to also install in Tikking a bath house filled with oil, so as to cut down on the many trips they had begun to have to make to the Smithy town for repairs, and so it was set up just outside the circle of houses and made in a similar fashion, but somewhat bigger, so that more than one metal man could make use of it at any time.

Gleamer, so-called because his body was made of a bright patchwork of scrap tin and brass, was closest to it, and thus took charge of keeping the oil in good condition and changing it out when necessary, assisted in the long trips back and forth from the Smithy town by his neighbor, Geargrind, who used the house more than anyone else due to his second-hand internal mechanisms that gummed up faster as a result.

Eventually, the metal men, with their combined thinking efforts, sorted out a way to build a pathway across the sand so that others might cross it and visit; it was of course made at first of tin, but this grew far too hot for most people not made of metal to easily traverse, and so they employed the assistance of Glinda, who had created the great green carpet once used by Ozma of Oz to pass through the Deadly Desert to rescue the royal family of Ev, to assist them with a material that might be suitable for their purposes.

She gave them many small green stones, each perfectly round and perfectly smooth, and told them to place them evenly spaced across the desert in a winding line until they bridged the gap between Winkie Country and Tikking town; they did so, and upon the next morning there was a wonderful green brick path that led the way the stones had been placed. She warned, of course, that it would need careful maintenance, and to be swept every day, and that the sand of the Deadly Desert should never be allowed to cover it up, or its magic would fade away and it would be lost forever, but this seemed to be a fairly simple task to the metal men whose purposes were mostly just to serve.

And so they did, and many folk from Winkie did come to visit Tikking, and many travellers did come from all across Oz to see the marvels made by the metal men in the Deadly Desert.

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